• Tiger-Mountain-Pokhara-Lodge

    Top 4 Getaways

    - August 12, 2014

    There are times when you just want to escape, get away from it all, cast off your cares and leave the daily routine well and truly behind. We all have different ideas of the perfect getaway, the top of a mountain (or as high as we can comfortably get), a remote desert island, the depths […]

  • Ecuador-cloud-forest

    Ecuador Cloud Forest Safari

    - July 15, 2014

    I am in a world of water. It hangs from trees like a thick mossy coat. It tumbles in cascades and floods of rushing streams.  I find it quietly fallen, in drops that capture rainbows like prisms, and raging in sudden torrents of intense rain.  And where this water lands, life explodes upwards. Tangled spirals […]

  • India Backwaters

    More India moments

    - July 8, 2014

    Kumarakom Temple A man’s voice, deep and pure, sings line after line of a prayer.  He begins always on the same note, rising in simple melodic steps, before returning again to the original base sound.  Each phrase lasts just one breath.  Each note is savoured.  As I listen, faintly behind his voice, I hear the […]

  • Thimphu-Festival

    Bhutan ‒ Thimphu’s Tshechu

    - July 1, 2014

    Brandishing a graphic, over-sized wooden phallus, a young man dressed rather like a pantomime clown gambols across the monastery’s courtyard. He stops, paces about impetuously and then, to loud guffaws, waves it at the crowd. A second appears toying with another which he slaps repeatedly against his palm. There is mischief and bawdiness in the […]

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Travellers' Tales

Leopard in tree, near lake manze camp, Tanzania

Are you feeling lucky?…

…said Jane, as we climbed aboard the Land Rover with Peter, our safari guide and Ali, our driver. After a moment’s thought, Peter replied, “Yes!” We knew that he knew what we meant.

road to the tides

The road to The Tides – and the elephant on the runway

If you’re travelling from Saadani to The Tides, and are offered the chance to make the journey by road rather than by the short by air, grab it!

Kisampa bungalow

Dragonflies and butterflies and the children of Matipwili.

This trip to Tanzania was my first-ever visit to Africa, and I suppose I had all the usual preconceptions from watching a mixture of David Attenborough and Comic Relief.