Sullivan Bay Lava Flow – Santiago Island


When visiting the Galapagos islands you expect your visit to be full of close encounters with giant tortoises, marine iguanas, sea lions and great frigate birds.

Botswana safari . . . for work, not pleasure!


At the end of the month I am off on a Botswana safari for about two weeks. “That’s the kind of job I could do with”, I hear you say! You’re right, I can’t say I’m complaining! But I do pay for it in more ways than just financially.

Ten weeks to go . . . and training intensifies!


OK, we’ve been doing our regular boot camp sessions with Jay at The Barn300. After starting at twice per week, we’re now attending three sessions – what a difference! In our strength, stamina and body shape but I have to say the biggest change is our appetites!!! We are eating like horses. It’s a good job we’re burning it off.

Visiting a Maasai market at Longido, Tanzania

A hive of activity at the Maasai market in Longido

“Yeyo takwena” I said to the first Maasai lady I met. She fell about laughing at my best effort at a newly-acquired greeting in Maa. I needed more practice. The only ‘mzungu’ in this Maasai market, I wasn’t exactly hard to spot, so within minutes everyone knew there was a stranger in town. And how welcoming they were!

Visiting the Rift Valley Children’s Village


I was told the village was in Karatu, so figured it would be IN Karatu. 10 bumpy kilometres and 30 minutes off the main road later, we arrived! Remote, yes, but it is a stunning spot. On the outskirts of the Ngorongoro Crater, amongst coffee plantations and verdant hills, this would be many people’s idea of the perfect escape.